‘Cornwall’s choice is clear: it’s Lib Dem or Tory’

Commenting on the results of the local elections for Cornwall Council, Stephen Gilbert, the former MP for St Austell & Newquay, has said:

‘At first glance people may well look at today’s result and see the Conservatives making significant gains across mid-Cornwall but that masks a more subtle and much more important story.  In many areas the Conservatives only won because those that were opposed to them were divided and the anti-Tory vote was split.  Cornwall’s choice for the general election in justa few weeks time is clear, either vote Conservative or vote for the only party that can stop them, the Liberal Democrats.

‘My message to people who support Labour, Mebyon Kernow and the Greens is simple:  if you don’t want to have a Tory MP then please lend me your vote so that I can stop them winning here.  It’s clear that those of us in Cornwall that share progressive values need to unite in this election if we are to change the direction of our country.”

‘When the liberal and social left is divided it is only the Tories that prosper and over the next five weeks we must show them that what we have in common is stronger than that which divides us and we must work together to stop the Conservatives taking Cornwall for granted for the next five years.”

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