‘It’s a two horse race’ – Stephen Gilbert

Commenting on the news that neither the Greens, nor Mebyon Kernow, nor UKIP candidates will contest the St Austell & Newquay constituency at the General Election for Parliament on June 8th, former MP Stephen Gilbert said:

“The election to be our next MP is no longer about party politics but has become a clear choice between the weak and ineffective Tory Steve Double, or myself, a Cornishman with a strong track record of getting things done for local people.

“When Mr Double was elected two years ago he promised much, but on every count he has failed. He’s is not even asking the right questions of ministers in Parliament let alone getting things done for our area. His record in Parliament is as poor as his delivery on the ground, it’s woeful. We cannot afford for this to go on – we need a change.

“I am standing in this election because in a Parliament dominated by Conservatives we will need an MP who can speak up and vote for Cornwall’s interests free from party or government influence. I did this when I this area’s MP from 2010-2015 and I will certainly do so again.

“My message to people who normally support Labour, Mebyon Kernow and the Greens is simple. If you don’t want to have a Tory MP then please lend me your vote. If we stand together and vote together then we will buck the national trend and win.

“To Conservatives I say: This election will certainly see Theresa May returned to Downing Street and a Conservative Government, but here in St Austell and Newquay we need an effective MP who can actually do the job of representing us. If like me you feel Mr Double is not the right person for the job then please support me on June 8th.”

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